Monday, July 19, 2010


this night i came back home from the south. driving in the middle of the night is scary and calm at the same time. it was so beautiful and peaceful down there. i would like to bring all of you there some day. here are some pictures of my summer so far. i have been eating strawberrys, playing volleyball on the beach, meeting a bunch of cows on a big green field in the evening, meeting wonderful people, swimming in the big sea and other things. i'm sorry to tell you that i'm going to the archipelago today so i won't be able to update you in a little while. until then, have a great time and try to be happy. or sad, if that's what you want. x,a.

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pretty cows


miriam said...

så mysiga bilder

georgia lilly said...

oh these pictures are so beautiful.

Paddy Razzi said...

so beautiful - your surroundings are amazing! :)

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