Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new york, new york

i'm going to the U.S. and will be gone for a while. i hope you all have a good time and for those of you who still have summers vacation; enjoy these last weeks of it. when i come back we'll get back to the everyday-posting again. x!! alice

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Sara said...

yeah, US! are you only going to nyc? come to washington,dc its nice here too :)

karine D said...

Noooooooooo !! I HATE YOUUU !!! USA ?!!! And NEW YORK ???!!
No really, i hate you lol ! SO JEALOUS ! Hope you will bring with you youre camera for showing some pictures to us ? :)

miriam said...

åhh jag är inte avis...............

Andre said...

Hey Enjoy! There's so much to do here in NYC (and the weather's great to be outdoors)! You can pop over to NJ too if you like roller-coasters. The tallest one in the world's @ 6-Flags (so scary but fun). Anyway, look forward to the pics - dre

Alice&Elsa said...

Sara_no, the hamptons and some other places too. I'd love too, one day!

Karine_ hahah yes I totally will!<3

Miriam_ puss påre

Andre_well yes, I know, I love it. This time I haven't got the time to visit nj but maybe some other time. And no Im not that into roller coasters. Hehe yey,xx

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