Monday, September 6, 2010


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Pictures by Lovisa
By the way! We have Bloglovin; HERE!

How are you?
You are not commenting.
Do you hate us?
It makes me sad when no one comments.
It's no fun blogging when there is no response..

Today I've been studying. My camera is down. Or no it isn't. But there's something wrong with my computer. I'll try to fix it. But it's taking me forever trying. I'll scan my pictures from WOW tomorrow. Yey!



Silvii said...

hereeeee ... i'm here ... ha ha xD i'm commenting :) I have to say only one thing : i love your hair colour *_*

Elina said...

Jag har blivit lite kär i eran blogg... Så underbart fin. men hur attans får ni in bilder på sidan sådär i designen?

Nina said...

åååh, förlåt. man glömmer kommentera. men det är lite jobbigt att öppna den irriterande rutan där man kommenterar för datorn blir jobbig ibland (jag är nog ganska lat)
men jag följer bloggen som vanligt och längtar varje dag efter att ni ska uppdatera, vilket ni borde göra oftare.
jag vill se dina kläder mer, för dom är hemskt fina elsa!

Anonymous said...

lalalalove these photos! (;
and i don't hate you, you're cool, girls! keep it up! :)

filippa fahlin said...

heeeeeeeej! vad fin du är i håreeeeeeeet elsa! puss

Suly said...

I don't speak Swedish so I have no idea what people have commented. ANYWAYS, I live your blog! I feel silly commenting because I am 19 years old, agh. You girls dress so rad and you have tea parties and you have great tast in music. I WANT YOUR LIFE. I have a Tumblr. Kinda new. Czech it out, darlings.

xx, Suly

Amanda said...

I'm commeting :)
ME like those pictures.

satu said...

fina fotos hahah!! this blog is cute.

Alice&Elsa said...

thank you everyone!

rebecca said...

Vad var bäst, way out west eller popaganda? Var på way out west och hade velat gå på popaganda men det funkade inte så bra, så lite nyfiken. kram

Anonymous said...

I think you should do diy projects you know, tutorials about sewing, that would be AWESOME!
And maybe you could make swedish recipes as well... And please, continue yours tory!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya!

frida said...

popaganda ägde iår.

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