Tuesday, January 25, 2011

whatever works

I spent the weekend at Fanny's and she took some pictures of me. 

My hair is growing at the speed of light - and I can't seem to stop it (dah). Don't know if I should cut it again... I don't like the length it is now but I want it to grow out again, too. I want long hair for summer, which it probably will be. Dilemma, dilemma. Bla bla bla. What do you think?

Other things:
1. I've booked my tickets for Emmaboda, a festival I'm going to with Karin this summer. Yey!
2. Started a new blog of my own. I will still blog here to. On my other blog I mainly post images and opinions and so on and so on. Rooker.

How are you? Have you planned anything for summer yet?



Anonymous said...

I which my hair was your length!

Anonymous said...

wow your hair !!!! and you seems so fit, do you do a lot of sport ? You are beautiful :)
Yes, this summer, im going to barcelona, and then algeria... :)
do you go somewhere with your family, or in your summer vacation, you're always whith your friends ?xx

Alice&Elsa said...

littletilly: oh thanks!
anonymous: oh thank you. no but i go to the gym once a week, haha. OH! Barcelona! I've never been there but I want to go. Yes I go with my family. Mostly abroad and sometimes in sweden too:)

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to ask you, do you watch your weight like what you eat and stuff ? Cause you look soooooo freaking good ELSA :D Could you give me tipps like for making hair grow faster, nice skin, and HOW TO BE SKINNY ?
Love xoxo

pascale said...

You're are so beautiful it's unfair :( I loved you hair both lengths but your long hair was maybe a little more striking , I don't really no. Lovely blog xxxx

Irene said...

I really like these shots by Fanny, Elsa! I also cut my hair like in september, and it is more or less the same lenght as yours now

And in summer I'll probably go to Berlin and/or Sweden!

P.S: I envy you for going to Emmaboda, I've heard it's niceeeee

Alma said...

Gargh du är så bäst och vacker! mina planer för sommarn är också emmaboda, ska bli så himla kul! längtaaar!!

Alice&Elsa said...

Anonymous: Thank you, but no I don't. Actually I have difficulties gaining weight, which is a problem for me. I've only started gaining a lot of weight recently and that has made me grow a lot!
Thank you anyway. My hair just grows fast and i put lotion on my skin.

Pascale: Thank you! Well, maybe on pictures but not in person, it was translucent in the tips and blääää. But thanks anyway!

Irene: I know, she is great! I'm going to Berlin too! And if you're in Sweden we must meet! Email me then, elsabodin123@gmail.com!!! Oh yeah, emmaboda is nicenicenice!

Alma: Tack så mycket! Åh vad kul, då kanske vi ses där (eller, med största sannolikhet inte eftersom det är enormt, men du vet...)! Jag längtar också!!!

wilma said...

beutiful !!

Alice&Elsa said...

thank you wilma!

georgia lilly said...

ahhh emmaboda ! splendid ! two door cinema club are playing there !!! lovveeee themm ! xx nice photos !

georgia lilly said...

also - i want to come to sweeeedeeeen !! its a little dream of mine !

j said...

du är ca den snyggaste jag vet!!!

Alice&Elsa said...

georgia lilly: i know, so do i! oh, do come, it's lovely here (and the clothes are really cheap:))
j: DU ÄR SNYGG! Och tacktacktack!

Amanda said...

amazing pictures.

MARGOT K. said...

your new blog look great! and I love this blog too!
I didn't booked something for in summer vacation but probably i'm going on vacation and doing some festivals. I'd booked ia holiday to Sweden (april). I'm really exciting about this, i always wanted to come in Stockholm. How is it there ?

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