Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday: Hung out in my room. Went to something strange. 

 Saturday: Hung out in my room with Julia L, Fanny and Karin. Went to the strangest event of my life with Julia L, Fanny, Karin and Elsa. I went home from that place as soon as I possibly could. Julia slept over.

Sunday: Went to a flea-market type of thing in my friends apartment. I got a lot of things. Perhaps I will take photos later. After the flea-market I hung around at Fanny's place and watched Valentines day eating candy. Cozyyyyyyy!

-(All images except the first one by Fanny)-

You're not commenting much. You are many but the comments are few. Tell me why! What do you want to see? I like you for commenting nice things, though. All my friends with blogs gets mean comments, but we nearly ever do. So thank you for being sweet and love to you all!



Anjelica said...

Oh this post is so lovely! I too have been meeting up with my friends and watching films! In the second to last photo, I love your little headscarf! It's so cute!

Anjelica xxx

Anonymous said...

hey Elsa !!

hum coud you please please take some picuture, or a videoblog where you show uss the things you bought ? i'm so curious I know but still please :)

And what was that strange place you went to ? a party ? tell uss about it :)

(love reading your blog)

LUU H. said...

Jeg elsker å se på hva folk har kjøpt etter en loppemarked! Gleder meg :)

Anonymous said...

ah you are so beautiful!
I would like to see some outfit post, and video blog, and things you bought from the flea market.

you are inspiring me!

ottilia said...

du är så söt!

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