Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am sick. I tried going to school today, but my teacher sent me home again. 
So here I am. In bed. Bored. 

I figured, since you've been having loads of questions lately, we could do a Questions and Answer's session type of thing. 

So, ask us ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!!! We will answer any mean or intimate question too, simply ask away. If you have a question dedicated to one person, please write To Elsa/To Alice, so we know. 



ps. Thank you for all the lovely tv-series tips. I am ever so grateful! ds.


Anjelica said...

Oh dear, I hope you get better soon! Drink lots of warm drinks! Here are my very random questions....

To Elsa...
What cities would you like to visit in the future?
What would a perfect day be like for you (where would you go, what you'd do)?
What makes you happy?

To Alice...
What's your favourite drink/food?
What do you want to do when you're older?
What's your favourite film?

Anjelica xx

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Some questions to both of you: What's your favourite subject at school?
Do you like exercising?
What's the most recent book you read and enjoyed?
Do you like sending letters the old-fashioned way?

Anonymous said...

To Alice:
What are your favorite books?
Who inspires you ?
What's your favorite band ?
Which quote is your favorite ?

To Elsa:
Which is your favorite subject?
How old are you ?
You seem to study a lot. Are you good at school ?

To both: Are you interested in politics? You know Sweden has the best welfare system and I guess it's really good to live in Sweden. You parents seem to be rich, too. What do they do for living?

Anonymous said...

have you ever kissed a girl? feel like to?
are you pro/con weed legalization? other drugs?
could you tell us something that you strongly disagree about swedish culture?

Anonymous said...

For both of you:
*Do you have pen pals? Are you willing to have more?
*Do you cook?
*Do you sew? (If so, could you do a tutorial ?)
*What do you like most about living in Sweden?
*Do you have a boyfriend?
*What is your favourite film?

note: I simply adore your blog!

Beatrice said...

Jag undrar vad ni tycker om det fina ljuset som slinker in på morgonkvisten. Får det er att sätta på sig den finaste klänningen och fridfullt springa ut till skogen?

Berit said...

Oj fett coolt att jag hittade din blogg! Den är verkligen super finfinfin och du är verkligen super söt! /ahihiih Berit från sportscamp fleera år sedan!!

Anonymous said...

To both:
Are you happy?
Have you ever had sex?
Do you normally paint your nails?
Do you want to have kids?
Do you want to marry?

To Elsa:
How much clothing do you own?
Which is your favourite market?
Which is your favourite city?

To Alice:
Could you do a video tour of your room?
What is your favourite country?
What is your favourite camera and which one do you use?

I love you both!!!!

ELLEN said...

Kika in på min bloppis och se vad som finns att fynda! Allt mellan kavajer, skor, ytterplagg och innekläder! Mycket retro/second hand finns att hitta! Nu i dagarna har jag även fyllt på med varor, samt sänkt priset på nästan allt!

Mvh Ellen,

Anonymous said...

To both :
-in the begging, when you started your blogg, you both said that you were one ans each best friends ? Is that still true ? Are you 2 still best friends ??

-because on the partys where elsa is we don't see you much together :)


jackie said...

elsa and alice!! urgento! i have an art project due and i need your help!
we need to make a movie poster using only the colors black, white and one other. what movie should i do? sos!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey
kiss kiss xoox

Anonymous said...

hi elsa you have a flickr account?

Anonymous said...

Elsa! Var har du köpt din hårborste?

Anonymous said...

How did you learn to speak English?

Anonymous said...

Sjuka är vi allihopa, jag är inne på min tredje vecka nu, inte roligt alls. Jag är så trött, men du är fin du Elsa. Snyggelsa! :)

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