Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Bored. School is boring. Stockholm is boring. Hate school extra much these days. I can't focus. It's like I don't want to. Things are good. But my brain is fucked (<---playlist for soothing the brain) up.

Today I'm at home. Telling myself to study in thirty minutes every thirty minutes. It's not very effective. Not at all really. I've tried to, study that is, but it won't stick. I hate you chemistry. Go to hell. Instead of studying I'm doing this and next it'll probably be eating those macaroon's mom bought me at Ladurée in Paris. No, I want to study, but I still don't want to, if you understand? It doesn't even matter what I get on this test, because I've discluded chemistry from my grade-chart (you can disclude one grade in sweden).

Anyway, I hope you are well. Well and swell? Tell me! I need something to distract me from something else (secret but to some not so secret...).

(I know you want to!!!!)


ps. I don't know who posted the post about me wanting a sidecut but I do NOT NOT NOT want that hairstyle!!! ds.


Robin Smedman said...

Hur kan stockholm vara tråkigt?
Min lilla ministad är tråkig. Fast man får ju göra det kul

Anjelica said...

Oh no chemistry work! I have to do biology, chemistry and physics! NOT FUN :(

D said...

I (and many others) would love it if ALICE would update more! Pretty please?

Max said...

måste få sagt att jag älskar din musiksmak med hela mitt hjärta! oh yes. så är det. och nu vet du det

georgia lilly said...

i lovee yoouuuu !

Irene said...

hatehatehate organic chemistry and have to study for my test on wednesday

not fun

Nova Carl said...

jävligt snygg bildserie, har kollat på den flra gånger. greatttttt

Sophie said...

Fan vad fint.

MARGOT K. said...

love the pictures!
i understand, i have a boring time in school too.
but you'll get through it!
great blog!


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