Sunday, April 3, 2011

champagne supernova

 This friday my dad was away so I had a few friends over.  It was fun-i-fun. We danced and such and   when everybody'd left Ebba, Kathleen and I went to Mc Donalds (around 2 am). It was fun cuz there was some sort of guido fight..

 Last night Josephine had a girls dinner. It was really fun and cozy but I was SUPER TIRED. So, Constance, Julia and I were extremely ninja and giggly.

Today I'm going for a walk and pastry with Constance and my family. How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?



Anonymous said...

The two girls on the 2nd Picture of : SATURDAY, are they two modelling or models ? they look like anyways,
You have so beautiful friends, how tall are you? are you a model too ?
byebye <3 !

Alice&Elsa said...

anonymous: Julia is, Josephine isn't... sadly she's too short. She looks a lot like the swedish model Frida Gustavsson, if you know who she is?

I'm 172 cm tall. I've been asked about modeling but I'm not sure I want to... That world seems so shallow..


Anonymous said...

How tall is Julia ?
Oh, yeah I know beeing a model is not as funny as it looks like!
But you are gorgeous, your beauty should not be commercialised !

And what firm asked you to be model ?

(i love your blog)

Anonymous said...

hey!! how tall is Josephine ?

Alice&Elsa said...

anonymous: She is about 176 cm tall.

Thank you!

A few different Mikas, Stockholmsgruppen and an agency called Kid of Tomorrow. I never went to any of the castings...

anonymous: she is 163/164 cm tall.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogg,
I just started reading this teen TAVI's blog (stylerookie) you know it ?
I love it, do you like her too ?


Anjelica said...

oh your weekend looks lovely! I went shopping to beyond retro with my friend xxx

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