Wednesday, May 11, 2011

rosendahls trädgårdar

Today it was extremely warm (20°C), so Josephine, Isabelle, Elsa and I went to Rosendahls Trädgårdar. We walked through Djurgården. A big beautiful park in Stockholm (also right by my apartment). 

When I was younger, a friend of mine lived in the house above.

  All the trees are in bloom. It makes Stockholm look so beautiful. City forrest paradise. 

Josephine on our way there.

 Isabelle was riding her bike.

When we'd gotten there, we sat down next to an appel-tree named Hampus which was planted in 1884.

Me looking frustrated and pale(?).

I was dancing around. 

 Elsa my friendi.

 A house Elsa and I would like to live in!

After several hours we walked home again. This past few hours I've been fixing my walls (I'll show you tomorrow) and now I'm going to eat green pea soup and pancakes and watch Glee on my balcony. Loving this day.

How are you?


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Anonymous said...

Josephine is sooooo beautiful

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