Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 I've had an awesome midsummer/weekend at Gotland with family & friends. This black beauty is Bosse!

Nisse & Bosse playing with a freesbee 

A very nice carpet...

We swan in the ocean... it was about 16 °C (about 60 °F)

We went with the water scooter...




Nisse whistled with grass blades

We ate strawberries in the middle of the night 

Nils and I lookin' absolutely gorgeous

This was the coolest thing.. This beautiful little creature had been walking around the house for more than a day all alone... We decided to help the little lad and let him into the house to get warmth and water.

He settled in quickly and we became really good friends..

Even Bosse the dog found little birdie very interesting and cute..

On the whole, this weekend was really great and adventurous for sure! I enjoy every single minute of freedom and being able to do whatever I want to is just amazing.. 

Today was a great day too. I met up with Elin in town, bought two sweaters at American Apparel (will show you), hung around at the bookstore for a long time and bought six books, then finally had a cold drink in the heat. I'm tired, need sleep, see you later!



Amanda said...

I just melted. give me one of those!

Josephine said...

Åå, vad fina bilder! ÄLSKA GOTLAND <3

Alice&Elsa said...

Amanda: I know, it's adorable

Josephine: Tack + WOHO JA! <3

angela. said...

väldigt fina bilder, Alice!!!! :D

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