Monday, June 13, 2011


Today I went to the stables (as usual) and rode my pony Flash..and then I rode a beautiful pony called Papiona, since her rider Vita could not make it to the stables today. 

It was a lot of fun riding this incredible creature

See how pretty she is? She looks like a fairytale pony!

Excuse my being ugly. 

At the moment I'm talking to a Bon Iver-obsessed Alexander on the phone..

I think I'm going to watch a mooovie later tonight and then tomorrow I need to get up early, go to the stables, ride and then in the evening a friend of mine, Ebba, is having a sweet sixten-thing which will be nice and fun and all. Talk to you then!



LUU H. said...

i love when you guys update the blog frequently!

LUU H. said...

anndd, I have a good feeeling when it comes to Alexander! haha :)

Anna Bo said...

Så vacker.

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