Friday, July 1, 2011

See you soon!

imgs: knight cat

Today the letter saying which school you've been accepted for came and both Elsa and I got into the schools we wanted! Woohoo! Now I'm off to the archipelago for a couple of days so you won't see me here for a little while. Elsa is coming home to Stockholm on Sunday and I can't wait to see my dear honeypie...(!!!) I wish you all a happy day/evening/week and I will be back in about two weeks. A.


Anonymous said...

highschool or university? I thought you were 15 or 16 somethin like that. is there a different system in sweden? :)

Narwhals said...

highschool, we're 15/16

Anonymous said...

What highschool and what line? :D

Jessamyn Read said...

I love that photo aha xx

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