Saturday, September 26, 2009

grass, donuts and other things.

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me by lovisa.

that are the words to sum up yesterday. lovisa, hevin and I wen't to the big myrorna in hjorthagen, and I bought a sweater for only 65 kronor. pretty damn proud. after that we sat by this industrial area on grass eating donutd, cinnamon buns, croissants and other stuff. delicous.
so, today - saturday - I was going to hang out with Nanna, but as it turns out - i need to go to our countryhouse at ingarö. allthough i must say, I like it there in our tiny hous. i'll most likely bring some magazines and a huge bag of candy. yum. so, have a nice saturday.
blaha, .e.


Anonymous said...

snygg bild

Marina said...

I love the photo!!!

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GeorgiaSophia said...

Love your sweater!

Miriam said...

vacker bild!!!

Maddie said...

I love your style!

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