Saturday, September 26, 2009

We'll run away if we must!

They Say They don't Trust You Me We Us  So we'll Fall If we Must 'Cause it's you Me And it's all about It's all about 
GUYS! Ehm, yes, today I express my feelings with a songtext.. So far it's been a great couple of days!
I got great grades on the tests and yesterday was spent with my so very easygoing butterflyloving friend Elsa, whom
I like kind of a big lot. Today I was competing pony-jumping or whatever you call it in english and it went out OKAY.
Anyway, I've also been given a practical work "experience" at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm! It'll be so
cornily fun!

Guys, I'm jealous of elsa, she's at the cinema seing "Flickan" (Flicka=GIRL in english..) with her mother. Hm, why is
she doing such cozy things while Im at home doing..what? Okay, anywayy, here's a pic ..
Have a lovely evening. a.

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