Tuesday, October 20, 2009

are you walking?

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ph: me...

so. plus and minus of today.
plus: i have drama class - that's fun! and alice was back in school!
minus: i went to the school nurse and she told me that she is calling my parents because i'm too skinny. i know it sounds like : ah, poor you (with an ironic words). but, it really sucks hearing that. but, i'm eating. so i was like; strange, i love mcdonalds you know! well, well.

I'm trying to study - noo it's not working. In a while Constance and I'll be walking to drama class. i know i'm going on and on about it - but i love drama class.
i tried taking nice pictures. but all of these really suck. sorry. I NEED PHOTOSHOP! so, if there's anyone who wants to donate that to me, it really would'nt upset me. no, it would'nt.

so, happy tuesday!



Emma said...

I have photoshop! but i am not sure if i have more than one license or what it is called. that you can share it with other people. but i know too many computer-nerds who probably can help (:

haha! sorry, but that nurse sounds ridiculous.. at our school, she only said i looked good, and she could see that i gained weight. not so nice either. :/

have a nice evening!

Hannah & Theresa said...

u look so zweeet:)

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