Wednesday, October 7, 2009

do you remember last september?

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pic: Helmut Newton

I'm trying to learn, I really am. But - no. Nothing sticks to my brain. I die. I really want to understand this history suff - BUT I JUST CAN'T REMEMBER!
Well, well. Atleast the picture makes me a little happy. It's from our Helmut Newton book, my new best friend.
Today, Lovisa and I went looking for a fake fur for Lovisa, but we never found one.
Practice work place thing at påkläderiet in a little less than three weeks. I'm excited.
I think alice's studying too, she wont post anything this evening.
Readers! Post a little more comments, I want to know who it is who reads our blog!
xoxo, elsa. - that is gossip girl for real now, haha!


Emma said...

i read your blog! lalalala! helmut newton is superman.

.h.J said...

hii! i saw you firstly on lookbook then i went onto your blog, now i read it all the time :)

Kendra said...

im the same don't worry, history goes in one ear and out the other!

michelle said...

i read your blog :DD

Sophie said...

i want to say the same as Kendra and .h.J . i found you on lookbook, and now i read you blog all the time ;)
i love your style!
but i know that it is a wierd question, but wich level do you go in school '?
xoxo sophie (gossip girl) ;)

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

sophie: we go to level 8 - so wer'e fourteen years old!

emma, hj, kendra, michelle: Soooo super glad u guys like the blog! keep on reading! do you have any wishes of things that you want us to improve?

XXX to all of you.

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