Monday, October 5, 2009

People get ready,

Hey. I just realized how extremely snobbish and awful that video sounds like, great. Wellwell, today, "håltimme" or um "break"? for about 4,5 hours! Crazy. Em, Elsa, Alex and Julia went somewhere doing something, fun stuff I suppose, while I had to go to meeting with a group called "Friends" that we have in some swedish schools. Dorky and boring, but true. Anyways---
This weekend Elsa & I did SOME CRAZY stuff! First, we watched swedish idol eating licorice and slept for about 12 hours that night. On saturday we ate breakfast and talked about unimportant aspects of life like, yes, nerds. Sunday, we went to the cinema "saga" to watch the movie about Coco Chanel and it was great. We had a really good time even though I now that did not sound that crazy to you---.
Tomorrow I'll post some photos since I haven't done that for hm, years.

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.h.J said...

hey. i love your quirky style! and your photographs!

maria.maliki said...

lykke li <333333

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