Thursday, November 19, 2009


so, i wanted to share something with you guys. you see, yesterday (on the 18th of november) three years ago, something horrible happened. it was the day that my stepfather died. so, i would like to dedicate this post to him. i just wanted to mention that, so now you know. i'm happy that my mother has met someone else - and i really like erik, he's such a fantastic person. yet ofcourse, i still miss rolf and he will always be in my heart. i lit a candle for him yesterday. he really was a fantastic person too - and i am so happy to have met him. he left only good wishes behind - and i think that all of his friends and family will cherish the memory of him - and so will i - forever.


Johanna said...

nej vad sorgligt. har aldrig riktigt förlorat någon riktigt nära förutom min farfar, så jag skulle nog inte kunna förstå hur hemskt det är.

Ana said...

i'm so sad that happened to you. i'm glad that you mother has met someone new.

Jessica said...

That's soo beautifully written. It sounds like he was an amazing person.

Anonymous said...

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