Wednesday, November 18, 2009

natro intellegent.

Nanna and i made this wierd video the other day, it really makes me happy though. I'm sick today, by the way. I just have some stomack ache, so don't worry.


Emma said...

hey darling!

i like vimeo. it is so much cooler than youtube, and i like all the crazy videos and the layout (: and i like YOU!!!

i will answear the message you wrote at my blog, at facebok. so miuch easier! :)


Gabi said...

you're sick, girls.. x]

Anonymous said...

how tall are you?

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

emma: hey darling! yes, i will marry vimeo one day.
gabi: i don't know in which way you mean, but yes, today i am sick.
anonymous: in european centimeters i am 1,64 m.

x's to you all.

nanna said...


Cate said...

are you always sick?

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

cate: no i'm not. alice was sick the day before yesterday and i was sick yesterday and today. are you always sick?

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