Sunday, November 8, 2009

i love cheeze. more than candy almost. just so you know.

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i know, a gazillion pictures of me. but i didn't want to chooze -
and since they're all equally bad - i thought - whatever. i know...

hello, hello, hello! today, i'm in a very good mood. nice rhime by the way. back to subject. i'm happy because today, here in sweden, it is fathers day! i love occations like that. me and my dad and my brother and his friend went to the movies and watched and loved UP. i love UP. i love UP and i love 7UP. so, that's why i'm happy. my brothers took the pictures of me. he's pretty cool sometimes. like today, when he lend me his bike thing (vet någon i sverige vad sparkcykel heter på engelska?) and when he took these pectures of me. this evening i'm watching a french and a swedish movie, eating cheeze. after that i'm going to bed.
have a pretty nice evening.


Johanna said...

haha! :) tack tack igen
du ser så ball ut! skitcoool typ

Sophie said...

GOD! i would wish i had your legs!

Lani said...

this outfit is so soso cute! I wish I had your closet haha. And I agree with Sophie, I wish my legs were long like yours!

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