Monday, November 9, 2009

you say, who are you?

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so, guys, guys. i love it when you comment - keep it up! i'm at acne now, will eat lunch in five minuts. but that's not what i wanted to write about. i would like to know who you are, the people who read our blog. so, if you want to - tell us your name, your age, where you're from, what you like, what you don't like, why you read our blog, etc. etc. i mean, you don't have to, but i would be delighted if you did. so let me know. who are you?
by the way, lookbook is so not inspiring anymore. wahwahwah...


Valentina said...

Jag har aldrig kommenterat, så det passar väl nu... ;)
Jag är en trettonårig tjej som älskar kläder, kärlek och Beatles och hatar orättvisor. Jag läser er blogg eftersom att Elsa blev länkad av kisskissbangbang för någon månad sen, med en bild på Elsa där hon hade världens finast päls! Så jag klickade mig in och så har jag vart fast. Varje dag kollar jag in här haha!

Rebecca said...

jag skriver på svenska för att inte göra bort mig:)

Jag heter Rebecca och är fjorton år. Jag kommer från Göteborg men vill ifrån, ifrån Sverige eller kanske i alla fall till Stockholm.
Jag gillar allt som är vackert, jag är intresserad av mode de säger väl nästan alla men så är det i alla fall, sen så spelar musik en stor roll i mitt liv.
Listan med vad jag gillar kan göras lång, men lista med saker kan nog också göras lång. Jag läser eran blogg för att ni inspererar mig. Ja de var väl lite om mig:)

Jenny said...

I love your style, because it's different=)
I like fashion, reading magazines
photograpy and blogging ofcourse!(

Sophie said...

my name is sophie, and i am 13 years old (on next monday 14). I love our blog, art, photography, fashion, agyness deyn, edie sedgwick,like to draw, love my family, friends, partys and so much more. I come from Copenhagen in Denmark (very near stockhom). I dont like dark mornings, Golf, spiders and MUCH more :D okay, that was a little about me

zoe. said...

my name is zoe and im 15 from north england. i love sweets, partys, nylon, topshop, winter and stuff :) i dont like lifts because they're scary and i like your blog because you have good style and i like the pictures you post!

Lani said...

My name is Lani (lawn-knee) and I'm a 16 year old girl living in California. I love anything that has to do with fashion especially design and photography and I also love sleeping, haha. I don't like chemistry class at all.
I read your blog because it's awesome and I love your outfits and what you write.
And I agree, lookbook isn't so inspiring anymore. Everything is starting to look the same :(

Sara said...

Sara, 15, Stockholm. Läser för att eran blogg intresseras mig. Mode, foto, musik, filmer mm, sånt gillar jag.

puenktchen said...

i'm sophie,i'm 16 and i'm from germany.i love your blog,yor outfits etc...
i think sometimes the looks on lookbok are a little bit like 'costumes' ?! i'm not sure if this is the right word.anyway.
great blog ;)

pascale said...

hi im Pascale from England i love your blog and read it religiously. i have a weird obsession with Sweden, i have been begging my mum to take me there for ages, all the girls are incredibly beautiful and have lovely hair. i love winter, books,virgin suicides, juno,nylon and fashion. great blog. Pascale x

Maddie said...

Hey :) I'm Maddie and I'm from the Philippines but I now live in England. I've only just started blogging properly so my blog isn't amazing and I'm 16 btw. I love family, friends, travelling, art, fashion, music, food and loads of other things. I don't like posers, snobs, things I can't afford, being homesick, etc. I love your blog! I found it through your lookbook page and I agree with you saying lookbook is not as inspiring as it was.. So yeah nice to meet you :) :)

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