Tuesday, February 2, 2010

två viljor har mitt sinn

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don't ask  about those pictures.

Hi. Yesterday we (me and elsa) went on a schooltrip to a place where you can ski called 

Later in the evening we were about to go to the cheap monday fashion show but both of us were

faar to tired to go so we didn't. I'm listening to Kings of Convenience while trying to get myself 

to study. In vain. I wonder, how many of you speaks swedish?  x


°Gabi said...

unfortunately I don't. but i'd like to!!!

miriam said...

i do! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

i don't speak swedish, sorry!

but wow! alice, you are so beautiful!

well, both of you girls are, but in different ways.

alice, you have more of this lovely look from the 60s and maybe 90s! i love your eyes, hair, and eyebrows most! haha, they are very "natural" looking, they have this very nude, basic, classy, and neutral look to them.

elsa has this dollish lolita charm to her, and is 60s/70s-esque! she looks very polished and has very nice eyebrows in the post before yours! i really am in love with hers! but she has this little quaint charm/beauty.

and all of your friends are so beautiful as well! you guys make me want to be swedish :)

Kylie said...

I don't, but I love your blog anyways!


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Gabi: We can teach you! x

Hardcore Unicorn said...

miriam: I know! Hih, xxxx

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Anonymous: THANKYOU so very much! This makes both of us extremely happy! xxxxxxx Alice

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Kylie: Thanku! <3<3

zoe. said...

i dont speak swedish well, i am learning though because i love languages haha dn i love your blog i think you are both very nice :)

Hardcore Unicorn said...

zoe: how great! i love languages too, even though I'm only able too speak 2.. hehe. THANKYOU! <3

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