Sunday, January 31, 2010

even artichokes have hearts

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Hello. Here's some more pictures from yesterday. Our sleepover was nice. 2 o'clock in the night we sat on elsas checkered bed perfectly still and listened to great songs. We watched Amelie from Montmartre and talked about diaries. We ate hallonmumrikar (rasberry pastilles) and fell asleep while we were talking about artschool which starts next tuesday. X, alice.


Karin said...

hallå elsa pelsa belsa chelsea ska du på cheap monday imon? jag har en invite, men vet inte om jag ska. har ingen att gå med.. hehe. see ya, biatch.

Lissa said...

lovely photos...the lighting is exquisite :]

Isabela said...

lovely pictures! got any advice for first time bloggers?

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Lissa: Thanks a lot!xx

Isabela: Thankyou! Well, I believe that people finds it more interesting to read a happy blog where there's a lot of photos and such, for example!xx

Anonymous said...

kan inte ni göra ett inlägg på svenska någongång???

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Anonymous: Anledningen till att vi inte gör det är för att majoriteten av våra läsare inte är svensktalande men absolut kan vi göra det någon gång! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at that emo boy style on this blog:

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