Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Hey. How are you today? I am in school having swedish and it's b-o-ring. im happy cause i'm going to new york in april with my mother. today is a stupid studyday. Im out of inspiration, see you later. X.A.


Emma said...

takk/thank you begge/both hardcoreunicorns! Dere/you er/are the sweetest/de søteste! love/kjærlighet

Hardcore Unicorn said...

dear emma, everybody knows YOU are the sweetest/sötaste men/but tack/thanks så mycket/a lot för det/for those words! love/kärlek a + e

Elin said...

Lyllo dig som får åka till new york! Ta mycket bilder! :) Och du: vem gillar svenska med ännu mer grammatik...?

Irene said...

you guys (both of you) travel a looot, how lucky

i loved the tour round Elsa's room hahaha, it was funny


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Elin: Meh lyllo dig som har haft en hamster..

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Irene: yes indeed we do...

haha yes it was fun!!


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