Thursday, May 27, 2010

rainy day

iris. my younger sister.

elsa. my sweet sweet kiwi.

hi. this very not exciting thursday has been a rainy, slow and hungry day. i've been in school, studied and waited for letters to arrive, in vain. we only have 2 weeks left of this semester, then summer vacation for 10 weeks. it's weird though, it doesn't even feel like summer yet, and even though i'm probably the most schooltired kid in sweden right now, i'm not ready for it yet. speaking of summer, what are your plans?? Here are mine:
- first, 3 weeks of "confirmation camp" (??)
- 2 weeks on my family's island in stockholms archipelago
- 3 weeks in n.y.

this is not all of them. just the settled plans.

before i go i've 2 things to say..

first, next friday i'm off to paris!!! ahmagad how fab.

second, MAURICE!! If you see this: please log onto skype as soon as possible, or write a comment, have you received my letter yet? cause yours won't come (have you sent it?). Love to you.

And to all of you,



Dylana Suarez said...

Your summer sounds wonderful!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

Anonymous said...

You have an island?!?! Woah way cool!
Btw i like that you guys blog more often now :)

Alice&Elsa said...

dylana: thank you! xx

anonymous: yes we do! hehe, how great,xx!

Anonymous said...

Waw you're so lucky to have an island !
I'm not judge you or anything else, but what do you parents make for job ?

Alice&Elsa said...

anonymous: yes its really fantastic.
um... my mum is a designer and my dad is an architect. xx!

georgia lilly said...

wow a creative family! what does your mum design? (clothes???) wow n.y that sounds so exciting, have you been before?? i have always wanted to go!! what do you want to do when you get there ? wow !! sounds like a gooood summer, and you have so much time off !! xxxxxx

maurice said...

hey, i wrote to you via skype :)

Alice&Elsa said...

georgia lilly: haha yay. yes she designs clothes and stuff. yes ive been i ny once before and i havent thought about what i want to do that much yet so we'll see.. yes im longing for it!! xxxxxx

Alice&Elsa said...

maurice: hey boy, where? i cant find it :(

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