Sunday, May 30, 2010

my house (my room) (my shelves)

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Hello you guys! Let me show you some parts of my room. This is a Niotillfem/Elsa Billgren inspired post (not as pretentious though), so the text is going to be below the images, for the ultimate explanation of my room.
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Just by my desk I keep a picture of myself from when I was little (modelwhooo? hehe), a picture I've drawn, a letter and envelope from Emma, a postcard from Julia, a candle I've never used, an Endymo, and a picture of Drew Barrymore and Abby Lee - because I like them!
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On my shelf I keep a Bose radio, on which I have little jars, a crown, my grandmother and grandfather and my pug friend Dogg. By my radio I keep my friend Hello Kitty, wearing my crown, three lipbalms in different colors, my jewelerry tree and my snake jar (there's no actual ssnake in it...).
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On my second shelf I keep magazines and books. My favorite movies: (not new moon) The Cat in the hat and Nik & Norah's infinite playlist. Other movies I like are Lost in Translation, a swedish lovestory, Drömkillen.
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On the other side of the second shelf I keep my russian Maruschka dolls, accompanied by my giraffe Luna and my Hello Kitty bubbles.
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My sowing machine...
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Fashion Now 2, other pieces of fabric.
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My stupid teenage books with my philosophy books.. There's also my pearl jar and my thread jar and other things used in different creative processes (stupid language...)
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In my window I keep a lamp from Kartell, two glittercandles, flowers, a nice figure, a picture of me and my mom and a picture of me and my old friend Louise.

Today I'm going on a hot air balloon ride. COOL. FUN. EXCITING.

Now I'm in school and it is so boring I'm basically falling asleep. Hate school! Why can't they just give us summervacation already? Stupid school. Stupid teachers...



Sofia L said...

Du är så fin så fin! ditt rum också.

Jennings said...

haha your room looks so magical! i love how your philosophy books are snuggled next to your girly teenage books <3

georgia lilly said...

wow philosophy.

i hate school, screw those bitches.

your room is so lovely


Anonymous said...

you have a nice room! and i hate school too, it can be awfully boring sometimes.

Irene said...

what does that Fiorucci box contains?

i love your crown, your Maruschka dolls+your hello kitty bubbles aaand those lipbalms are Agatha Ruiz De la Prada, aren't they?

looove looovexx

Linnea said...

mysigt rum det där!!!

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