Friday, June 4, 2010

summer and roses and shorts (uncohesive post)

The top of my new American Apparel shortdress. (My sowing desk in the background).

My new shorts. I cut off som old pair of jeans.

My balcony yesterday. It was hot there!

I used to love outkast, so much! So I do know their longest song ever by heart...

hello gang!
Alice is in Paris now.
This is something that is so unfair, it makes me want to puke! I want to go to Paris too!

Anyway... today I hung out with Elsa and had a scone that was hard as a rock. Seriousely.. But we ate it anyway... It's strange what you do when you're hungry. All though, now my stomack is acting all weird..

Today we had a sex-test and I did really bad (being me). I got 40/56.. But the test was really hard. I mean, how am I supposed to know the period cykle? Right? But it's okay, I did well on my mathtest...

Tonight I'm going to go to my cousins graduation reception or whatever. He graduated today.

Now I'm making something nice...



Anonymous said...

Hi Elsa !
Do you depilate your eyebrows ? Because I really like their shape !
And can you tell me the name of your dress in the AA website if she is on, because I look for it since a LOOOOOONG time, and I would like to command it :)
Thank yu :)

Aaron Cranfield said...

I love Outkast. Amazing. The Love Below is one of my favourite Albums...and your Blog is on my Blogs to watch on my Blog... :D xxx

Karin said...

najsi shortsi, elsi pelsi. du vet nice som i typ if i where a boy. eller om jag hade snorre (karin kollar på så ska det låta, alltid lika roliga vitzar) benjamin wahlgren är din kille!

ps. jag hängde med alice i väskan.. kul i paris!

Clemence said...

You are so cute Elsa! Love your eyebrows. Random thing, to say. xx

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