Thursday, June 3, 2010


sheer cardigan: second hand in oslo. grey top (actually a grey long dress): myrornas. shorts: beyond retro. belt: mix second hand. shoes: h&m.

so here's my outfit today. hate the word outfit. blablabla.
today I went shopping with my mom and got disappointed in swedish designers. well. it's not their fault.

school is soon to be over. it is nice yet sad and i'll probably miss graduation which is even more sad. je deteste la. but well, there's nothing i can possibly ever do... is there now?

how are you and why are you not commenting?



Emma said...

you my amazing rabbithole!!!!!!!!!!
did u cut the cardigan? (we dress almost the same these days. i wore my sheer cardi yesterday, with a blue/black top like that and black cut-off shorts.. hehe.

love you so much that it isn't worth trying to tell you becuse you will not get how much i love you!!!

Anonymous said...

sry I am a lazy brat. commenting bores me...
did u make that vid in school?

miriam said...

ahh jag älskar koftan!! och du är toksöt

miriam said...

och jag mår bra! jag kladdar just nu ner tangentbordet med potatissallad(+rostbiff+tomater+varm baguette yuuumm)

georgia lilly said...

that kate nash is like my favourite song because thats how i feel about this girl... she makes me angry.

the videos cool... whos in the background??
i hope i can supply you with comments. but im sorry if i get lazy. i try and enjoy trying

.... xxx

pascale said...

I love that sheer cardigan thingy i have been looking for one for agesss ! On the commenting , i don't do it as often as i should because i sound silly when i give a compliment and i make a complete fool out of myself like now aha. Basically im love your blog and it is probably one of my favourites if not my favourite blog, so don't worry because even if i don't comment, that doesn't mean i don't like your blog because i do. aha that was a really long embarrassing comment :D lots of love xxxx

Anonymous said...

your so pretty!
whats that song called?

Kylie said...

I waaaaaaaaant that cardigan. I have a sheer H&M one but it's not nice like this one :(

When did your hair get so long? It's looking good!


Anonymous said...

u are so funny :')
i love this outfit
and i would like to please u to post more often cause i feel very disapointed whan i check ur blog for a new post and i see the old-one.
anyway,i love your work!!

chloe said...

love your videos so much, they are awesome, i like your eyebrows, did you get them shaped? and so tall to, model much?? lol, loveyouu elsa xx

sophia said...

allt du/ni gör känns så fantastiskt

Hannah said...

min venn klarte ikke å slutte å tenke på hvor fin den jakken var.

Luci Ana said...

Girl. You're so stunning great. Love all your posts and outfits. I follow you :-*

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