Monday, August 30, 2010

inspiration transparation

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In class.
No inspiration.
Trying to get inspired.
With these pictures.

I was supposed to go shopping with my mother this afternoon, but she got sick. BLAH! Hate illnesses. They're stupid.

I'm trying to make my hair look 40's, it's not working. Instead I'm making rasta braids.

How was your weekend?



Edit said...

Maybe you will do another cut? Like in that last picture, with red coat..?

It was great, did went to do one fashion show. Now im just relaxing. its cold here in tallinn

worm vs. bird said...

I love the purple hair

Linnea said...

I had a greeat weekend. Went to the Popaganda festival and hung out with friends. Sat by a skate parc with my sis and watched skateboarders do their thing while eating peanuts. It was like the. best. thing. ever.

............ och varför skriver jag på engelska? Haha

Anonymous said...

how do you make rasta braids?

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