Saturday, August 28, 2010


yesterday we went to popaganda, alice + elsa + alex + julia + karin.
we had an amazing night!
here are some pictures.
i'm meeting julia in a while, to meet elsa + karin back at popaganda again.

our sweet homie lovisa danced on the scene with belle & sebastian playing

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shoes. julia, elsa, karin, alice.

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karin + elsa +julia + frog

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Ellie Goulding has a beautiful voiceeeeeeeeeeeee

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belle & sebastian!

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we took billions of pictures so there's more to come.....


alba said...

oh belle and sebastian gör så att jag önskar att jag var där! fina ni var också!

Ingrid Alise said...

This sooo reminds me of the music festival Hove I went to here in Norway in the end of june! I also saw Ellie Goulding and she was of course wonderful. I hope you guys are having just as much fun as I did, cause that weeks was one of the best in my life. Wish I could live like that every day.

Zoe said...

i looooove Ellie Goulding, shes the best!

Alice&Elsa said...

alba_åå belle&sebastian var såå bra! å tack vad du e snäll!

ingrid alise_i love your name. i wish the same!! would be an amazing life! x

zoe_yeeeeess she is!!

Linnea said...

belle&sebastian var typ... magiska. atmosfären var amazing.

tror att jag såg er där nu när jag tänker efter!

Alice&Elsa said...


jaha, va kul. x

Anonymous said...

I really Love how Elsa put her outfit together here :) .xx
- Jeena.xx

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