Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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we quit school quite early today so i got some extra time to drink cinnamon+cardamom tea and listen tobon iver. my sisters budgerigar has been sick -real sick- for about 2 weeks now, he might not make it. i hope he does. we've given him honeywater, a warming lamp and seeds. just now he chirped a little for the first time in a long time. would you like us to make musiclists for you? love a.

and...... Still there's a great zuperduper surprise coming up....

and...... thanks for your comments on the recent posts!

(oh, i wish i had a boyfriend too)


Luci Ana said...

the last picture is really great :)

Stella said...

YES! please make musiclists? I like your drawings. Did you make them yourself? & the last vlog was very funny. My sister and I laughed our heads of. "My little croissant, my little croissant."

rebecca said...

lista är välkomnat!

Alice&Elsa said...

thanks guys! and yeah, i'll make you musiclists! and yes i made the drawings myself, this spring i think. haha glad you like the vlogs. <3 alice

Anonymous said...

Vilken fin vägg! Är det din häst på målningen? Gillar när ni tar kort på era rum!

Anonymous said...

1)i love your musiclists,so yes!
2)i wish i had a boyfriend too ! <3 :(
3)tell us more about the ''surprise''!!

satu said...

i have an award sort of thing for you in my blog,check it out :>

Alice&Elsa said...

thanks everyone! ja det är min ponny på målningen kompiz! :P <3

Cupcaker said...

Me likey den där som står upp och tittar bort. Mjukish. Mhm.

Lisa said...

Såå snyggt!!

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