Friday, September 24, 2010

dedicated to: HERMAN

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

today my little sisters bird HERMAN died in his cage. rest in peace sweet creature. poor bird. hope he's happy now! xxx

+I keep trying to figure out why summer + sun makes me feel so bad. depressing.

+elsa is in berlin! i want to pretend to be her prince so that i can pretend i need to save her so that i can go there too

+la roux

+swedish idol on tv is so ridiculous yet entertaining




Luci Ana said...

oh my, how cute he was..

Irene said...

sun and summer also kind of depress me, i guess there's no particular reason,
or maybe yes..

go and save Elsa haha!

kyra zoe said...

i always hated summer
i always hated the sun
rain and clouds make me smile
sun depresses me
we are odd..i guess

Anonymous said...

I live in Berlin, so I can say: poor Elsa ! The wheather here ist ter-ri-ble !! Cloudy and rainy and cold and ugly ...

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