Sunday, December 26, 2010

on the day before christmas/we're back!

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On the day before christmas, Stockholm looked like this. Snowy and actually lovely. It was cold as hell (-14°C), but since it was christmas, it was okay!

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I met up with Fanny to exchange christmas presents. She got a sweater and I got a funny magnet and key-thing.

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We went to christmas-y Louie Louie.

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Fanny had bought this e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y. funny calendar for her father, the images was of swedish 'dansband' in the seventies. I think I've never seen so many scary smiles in my life. Psychopathic-murder-smiles.

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After that I went home, watched Planet Earth, drank hot chocolate, hung out with my dog and wrapped some christmas gifts.

I assume you understand that we've moved again. Yup. We're back at Hardcore Unicorn at Blogspot. We really appreciated the chance to blog at radarzine, but it didn't feel right. So, consider this our christmas gift to you. Or don't. Whatever.

We would love to know about your christmas.



pascale said...

ahhh I'm so happy you moved back , I can now follow you properly. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas >.< Lots of love xxxx

Alice&Elsa said...

as am I Pascale!

I did, how was yours?

Elsa xxx

Marina said...

Hello! Merry Christmas!!

i went to my grandmother's house (i'm from brazil),it was a great party! :))
i wish you the best and for your family!
i'm waiting for more photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. Anyway, I enjoyed your other blog, too. I had wonderful Christmas with homemade gingerbread cookies, stuffed portobello mushrooms and glögg. We visited a graveyard and it snowed so heavily. Now we have a lot of snow everywhere (here in Estonia). Warmest wishes!


Kylie said...

Although blogging on Radar seemed like a good opportunity, to be honest I'm really glad you guys are back here.... I feel like it makes your blog more personal... plus I like the bigger pictures here :)

Your friend is so pretty, why is it that everyone in Sweden is so gorgeous! I might be coming to Sweden in Febuary so I guess I'll be able to see if it's true myself!

Alice, the tan shirt in your last post on Radar is amazing! Where is it from? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be wrinkled like that but it looks great


angela. said...

mycket bättre att ha er tillbaka på blogspot! <3

Alice&Elsa said...

Kylie: I know, I like the bigger pictures too!
Haha, yes she is! I don't think everyone is, but for some reason all my friends are beautiful!
angela: JA! <3

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