Monday, February 14, 2011

alla hjärtans dag

happy valentines day y'all! i have been eating valentines day-dinner with my family and now, i am watching alice in wonderland. 

it has been snowing a lot here in stockholm for the past few days and it feels like winter will never leave. it is beautiful outside though! tomorrow, after school, i am going to the museum of modern arts + later in the evening, the stable.

this week is full of work, in school, as usual, but i hope my weekend will be a little nicer. i plan to meet friends, drink camomile tea and rearrange the furniture in my room.



minnja said...

wow, so beautiful :))) Happy V day!!!

Alice said...


Alice&Elsa said...

minnja + alice

thank you + tack!

Anjelica said...

Oh it looks so pretty! We had lot's of snow last year in England, I sort of miss it now!

Anjelica xxx

P.S i think i am in love with your blog!!!!!!!

Irene said...

the blue light on the pictures is truly beautiful Alice, did you take them all?

+ i think i have that same curtain in the dinning room


Alice&Elsa said...

anjelica: xxxx

irene: thank you. yes i took all of them. oh :) x

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