Sunday, February 13, 2011


Two pictures Fanny took of me several months ago at a party. I can't really remember which month it was, only that I haven't realized how much I've grown since then. Much taller. Much more mature. It's so strange how you don't grow anything and then suddenly you're considered tall and mature.

Today I've been with Julia and Karin. We watched love and other drugs. It should probably be called sex and other kinds of sex. Because that's all they did. All the time. When you thought the sex scene was over, uapp: there's another one!
But it was quite funny. Only, I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not. Anne Hathaway is so beautiful I can hardly even look at her.

Yesterday Julia and I stayed at home. I really wanted to go out at first, but then my tire-dome took the best of me and I realized it would probably be better to stay home. So we watched the princess diaries, drank mint-honey-ginger tea we made ourselves and talked + went to bed really early.

My weekend's been pretty chill. Which is good, I guess. School is too much and too overwhelming. So now I'm studying stupid french.

How are you?



josephine said...

Hey girl, you are beautiful!
Hey girl, you are beautifuuuuul!

Anjelica said...

Oh I've only just discovered your blog and I am in love!!! Keep posting!

Like you, school has taken over me, i have a big english exam tomorrow, not good!

Anjelica xxx

Anonymous said...

I know that school can be hard and boring sometimes, but I've decided to love it, because it's something one can't avoid.

agnes said...

1. du är helt äckligt snygg kvinna, får ångest!
2. den där spetströjan är nog det finaste på länge

Erica said...

Vilken galet fin tröja du har. Var har du fått tag på denna (skräcken när man frågar en sådan sak är alltid at det ska vara second hand)?

sara said...

snygg tröja/klänning.. vet inte vad det är, men den var snygg!;) haha

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