Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i want a kitten

hellooo. how are you?
i met this sweet cat about a week ago. i want to have a cat too.
today we have a big test on ww2, i hope it goes well.
in three weeks we have "sports vacation" and i am going to austria !
elsa linked to her tumblr so i thought i should do the same: ★kitten:fox★



Anonymous said...

I love cats! I have one very adorable one. I had a test about World War II some time ago.

Great that you're going to Austria! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

linnea said...

i have a cat. she's like a sister to me and i love her. no, she's more like a baby haha.

and austria is awesome!

ElsieBirdie said...

Such a great blog! I love it, and fab photos. You should check out mine. Oh, and good luck in your test and sweet cat! xo

Alice&Elsa said...

thank you for your comments! + i envy you who have cats! <3

Gabrielle said...

it's ok to like them, but she's addicted. haha, i thought you would like this too

Ullis said...

jag vill också ha en kattunge!! . Fast jag tror inte wilma skulle bli så glad..

jag är bajsavundsjuk på att du ska få åka till lech. Åh men åh. :(<3

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