Sunday, March 13, 2011

new, blue, red, bed

(last picture: hehe note that I look like an old lady trying to kill someone with her foot...)

Hello peeps and popes. This weekend I've: 
- Discovered that blue and red are my new favorite colors (and black). 
- Spent quality time with my dog (read chased her around a park near a busy street because somehow she got out of the leash and I had to call my dad crying, screaming "I hate this fucking dog she is gross and discusting and why did we get her? WHY DID WE GET HER?!?!?". I like my dog a lot though. But wah I got pissed of). 
- Had lunch with Julia, Josephine and Elsa. 
- Gone to Myrorna's with Fanny. I bought that blue new cardigan.
- Bought the world's smallest shorts at topshop (first image, note that the cardigan barely covers my butt). 
- Discovered a new hamburger at Mc Donald's and it was great. 
- Had a sleepover with Kathleen, watching O.C. and The Bad Girls Club and eating junk-food and talkin' camp memories. 
- Watched Léon. 

I hope that you all are well. And that you've had an active/calming/dancing/sleeping/loving weekend. 

Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Haha you are so awesome Elsa!!!

Anjelica said...

Oh! I love your new cardigan! I also got a new pair of shorts but mine are turquoise!

Eva said...

Love your outfit!
And I think the music is actually kind of cool! =D (a little wierd, but cool, haha)

I read your blog a few months now, and I know I don't always give comments, but I wanted to say I really love your blog and I always look forward to your posts (and Alice's posts ofcourse)!

lotta said...

så sjukt himla fina shorts. eran blogg kan förövrigt vara en av dom bästa. kramkalas!

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