Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Below are some images in which I've been tagged from facebook. 

 Constance and I during a fika att Helin Voltaire. 
 Elin and I that same day.
 This image is taken late april, I think on the 25th. The weather was lovely. 

These are from the surprise party my friends threw for me. The first is me as a doll you can dress and I think I'm eating an edamame bean in the second image...

 From the day my class went to a castle.

This image is from Elin's dinner last saturday. 

I do hope you all are well! 


linn said...

jag tror jag fastnade har, jattemycket

Anonymous said...

wow, I think you are getting rounder at the right places

Sara said...

Fina bilder!!

Alice&Elsa said...

anon: help pervo pedophile.

Nathalie said...

Hej! Jag hoppas att du kan hjälpa mig med detta. Din header, är den gjord i photoshop? Isåfall hur? Om du vill hjälpa mig lite? Jag har precis fått photoshop och vet inte riktigt hur man gör

Anonymous said...

you never post anymore, cute tho!

Patricia said...

ohhh I just love your blog, its just amazing!
And you are so pretty and stylish!
xxx :)

Anonymous said...

chck her blog out!

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