Sunday, June 19, 2011

500 (- 498) days of summer

Katja & Marengo
Marengo has only 2 weeks left to live so we spent some time with him and said goodbye...

On our way home to Katja we saw some people doing something weird with segways ...?

This morning we ate breakfast outside and then went to meet Elsa!


We tried to do some tricks in the grass... hehe

The gooseberries were green and sour...


Elsa and I

Elsa's eye

Around 8 o'clock me and Katja went to see Flash and take him out for a walk

In conclusion, the last two days has been very nice and cozy. Almost all my friends are gone by now so this weekend will be much more of a loner-ish one compared to the these last days, which I've spent with friends friends and more friends. I hope you're all having a good time and that you're enjoying summer as much as I am.

Love Alice


Helen and Emma said...

such lovely pictures

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful pictures! Where did you take them?

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