Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Images from a sad, sad, yet in a way graduation day... I love my school and my old class, it's strange to go to a new school, but also very much fun!

I hope you all are having an amazing summer!



Anonymous said...

Great photos and hot boys!

idaawe said...

åh gud vilka härliga bilder!

Anjelica said...

Ah it looks lovely! You're lucky, I still have exams hehe :(
Hope you're having a good summer
Anjelica xxx

Sofie M said...

Great pictures, I really love your natural swedish style! :)

How do you make your pictures so wide on your blog?

Thea said...

Vilken sklor ska ni börja på till hösten? :)

Alice&Elsa said...

thank you all! we just click click and they get wide
elsa ska börja på södra latin och alice på vrg djursholm

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