Sunday, June 12, 2011


 This Tuesday my class went to Sandhamn in the Archipelago of Stockholm. 
 Julia and I
Once we had arrived to Sandhamn we went to the pool to bathe.
 Josephine, Julia, Alice and Constance on our walk. 
 Julia, Josephine and Alice
 We looked around in a couple of boutiques but then we had to hurry back because we needed to get ready for our prom! 
 This is Elin, Ellinor and Wendela
 Constance, myself and Alice

 We had a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant (can't remember the name)! 
 Ollie and Alice
 We all had cavaliers, I went with Leonard.
 Josephine and Constance
 Katja and Ollie went together!
 Petter and Leonard. Alice went together with Petter.
 After the dinner we went down to the docks and sat by the water. This is Ellinor, Olivia and Erik.
 Ebba and Isabelle
 Isabelle and Ellinor
 Elsa and Julia
 Josephine and Constance
 Ebba and Alice
 Elsa, Josephine, Constance and Julia
 Alice and I
 Ebba and Alice
 On the second day, our class went on a tour through Sandhamn
 Katinka and Ebba
 Wendela and a piece of me
 Gustaf and Gabriel
 Boys, boys, boys
We went to a lovely beach and then back again!
 This is Sasha, he's moving to Scotland to go to boardingschool there next semester!
 Before we took the boat back home, we had some free time. This is Alexander, Ebba, Leonard and Wendela!
 Alexander on the boat back home!
 Erik and Petter
Gustaf and Petter

Sorry for having blogged so rarely lately. Tomorrow I am going to camp for three weeks but I have made a few pre-scheduled posts for you! 

Have a lovely summer! 


Anonymous said...

what kind of camp are you going to ????

Alice&Elsa said...

it's called Ängsholmen in the Swedish archipelago!

Anjelica said...

Oh it looks really nice there! Hope you're good xx

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