Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sat ur day

Yesterday I went to the stables and met up with Anna. We took a ride in the forest and the weather was wonderful! Flash got a nice shower but then decided to roll around in the sand and get all muddy...

 When I got home, I took a shower, cleaned my room and got dressed. Around 6 my parents friends/guests came over to have dinner and I met up with Alexander. We took a walk by the water and talked. Then we both had to go home for dinner so we did and after that, we met up again and took a longer walk, listened to a lot of good music, ate strawberries, played the guitar and watched Juno (movie). I fell asleep far too late but since it's summer it doesn't matter!

Sweet Alex (picture from Sandhamn)

x alice.


Anonymous said...

is alex your boyfriend ?

Alice&Elsa said...

no he isn't but we're really good friends! alice

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