Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you have the awnser?

Oh yes. The awnsers to questions and awnsers are here! Wohooo!

How do you stay so thin?

Elsa: Well, it's not like I'm on a diet or anything. I don't really work out. So, nothing. I'm just like this, I guess.

Alice: Suppose that one wasn't directed to me...

Does fashion is your first hobbie ? It's like a passion ?

Elsa: As sad and shallow as it may sound, yes. I mean, it is my passion. I like to paint aswell. I make clothes that I sell too. But mostly fashion...

Alice: Fashion has been around me ever since I was born so it has always been a natural part of me, and certainly, it's a passion. I'd say I probably don't put as much time and thought on it as Elsa though.

Do you live in Stockolm ?

Elsa&Alice: Yeas, indeed we do!

Where have you been in the world ?

Elsa: I've been to the US, france, italy, denmark, england, thailand, switzerland, austria, spain, turkey.

Alice: Ok, here we go... I've been to france, spain, india, italy, denmark, norway, sweden, japan, USA, england, thailand, switzerland, austria, brazil, egypt, south africa, germany and that's all.

Why have you decided to begin a blog ?

Elsa: I think it was because I wanted to "bring" something to the world. I don't think we contribute alot to this world with this blog. But you can always try, right? Like Betty in Ugly Betty would say, To inspire atleast one person.

Alice: I agree with Elsa. But I think we also did it because of all the fun! Both of us love writing, sharing pictures and adventures and .. our lives?

What kind of job do you want to make ?

Elsa: I would like to do something creative. Maybe in fashion. I don't know. I think about it alot, but as it is right now I have NOOO idea!

Alice: Me neither. No idea right now. But something creative and culturally for sure. I think. Hehe. We'll see.

Which is your favorite department store?

Elsa: I would say H&M, Weekday and American Apparel.

Alice: (^^^Are they really department stores? ^^^) I would say Laforet in Harajuku/Tokyo.

Which area in Stockholm do you live in?
Elsa: Östermalm.

Alice: Lidingö.

But what are your favorite colors?

Elsa: Really boring, but I like black. I like blue alot aswell... I like all colours mostely, but mainly these two.

Alice: Hm. Difficult question indeed. I like black, navy blue and... red. I think. I mostly wear black and blue actually. 

What inspires you?

Elsa: Books, movies, pictures, music. Mainly old stuff. It's very rare that I find Vogue, Nylon or Elle inspiring. Dazed and Confused and POP are quite inspiring, sometimes atleast.

Alice: I'm inspired by all sorts of things. Often strange things. I can be inspired by a mood or a weather as much as a movie or a song. I like old stuff too. I find them kind of nice and concrete. New things and modernity sometimes scares me.

Do you guys paint your nails often?

Elsa: I never paint my nails. Boring, huh? Haha!

Alice: Sometimes yes. There was a time, I think it was last year, when I ALWAYS had painted nails in colors like neonpink, orange, purple and babyblue, crazy. Nowadays it is usually red or sometimes black. 

Favorite tea?

Elsa: I love your questions!! I really like Earl Grey and different types of fruit tea. I also like mint tea alot. But just any tea in general is great.

Alice: Ah I LOVE tea! And my favorite is absolutely rhubarb+vanilla and camomile.

Favorite food?

Elsa: I seriousely love McDonalds, alot! But I like different types of salads. I like couscous and chevre alot.

Alice: Hm. White fish, japanese food and Elsas homemade (hrm) pancakes with sugar and cinnamon! Haha!

Unicorns with gold sparkles with pink hair or flying narwhals?

Elsa: This is an awsome question. I would say both. It's so hard to choose...

Alice: Well, I'd say both too. A pinkhaired goldsparkling unicorn would for sure be heavenly to have in the stables. But still, I'd really like to have a flying narwhalfriend! 

Wich one of the older students in your school do you think has the best style in clothes etc.?

Elsa: I don't see the older kids in my school that much, but some of them have really cool names. I don't want to write the names down since I know that some of them read our blog - and maybe they would be sad if we didn't mention them. But some of them have great style!

Alice: I agree with the lady above. But I do not usually spend time checking out their style. 

Some special vintage shops in stockholm you could recommend?

Elsa: I think that I am the vintage junkie in this blog... But I personally Love (yes, that is a capital L) Myrornas. It is really cheap and awsome. There is also Stockholms Stadsmission (they have killer shoes) and Emmaus (which is a bit more expensive). Beyond retro is also great. Weekday secondhand as well. There are so many.. But those are the ones that I prefer.

Alice: Elsa is absolutely the one to buy vintageclothes all the time but I find them at home (you see, we have loads of clothes. And when I say loads I mean L O A D S). Except for the ones Elsa mentioned, I'd say Judiths (hornsgatan), Lisa Larsson (skånegatan?) and then theres a pretty cool one on wollmar yxkullsgatan.

how long are you girls?
Elsa: I am 165,5 centimeters tall.

Alice: I am not sure but I guess around 163 cm.

Do you like Twilight?

Alice: HAHA me too!

Would you concider yourself as popular in your school?

Elsa: Our school is really small. I mean, I'm not like the most popular girl, no. I have some friends that I stick to. But there really is no IT girl in our school...

Alice: No absolutely not. Im not the kind of person who's comfortable in large groups/gangs. I prefer having some really good friends rather than a hundred not so good friends. 

Which line do you focus?

Elsa: We're still in base school (junior high), so we don't really focus on any special subject.

Alice: ... but our school focus on mathematics and natural science subjects.

How old are you?

Elsa&Alice: We are fourteen years old! (Elsa is the oldest..)

Alice: ...note!

Do you party?

Elsa: I wouldn't consider myself as a party girl. But if there is a party I'll go.

Alice: Er, no. Not at all to be honest. I don't have a big problem with parties and it's not like I'd never party but I'm not a partyperson.

Do you drink or smoke?

Elsa: I wouldn't say I do.

Alice: I've never smoked nor drank/drunk.

Which schools do your friends go to or do you only have friends in your school?

Elsa: I have some friends in my school and I have some friends in Gärdesskolan, Franska skolan, Danderyds gymnasium, Kulturama and Enskilda Gymnasiet.

Alice: The french school on stora essingen, Engelbrekt, vasaskolan, Södra latin and more!

Do you have a boyfriend? Hve you had one? Describe him!

Elsa: No, I don't have a current boyfriend. Yes, I've had several, Haha! Well, the last one was blond and tall. Gosh, now I sound like such a player, I'm really not! I just fall in love very easily. Allthough, I'm not in love right now. I would like to be. But no.

Alice: Not for the moment. And I have had one, haha! Errr... He was blond, shy and liked to skate...And he had a funny laughter aswell.

Favorite label?

Elsa: Acne, Apc, Ann Sofie Back Chanel, Sonia Rykiel (I am aware that I cannot afford the last two). And many, many more!

Alice: I buy most of my clothes from Acne, A.P.C., american apparel and kitson. And more and more and more and ... more.

Second Hand or new?

Elsa: Second Hand! It's more unique and special and one of a kind. Plus, it's cheaper, haha!

Alice: I AGREE!!! What I sometimes like about new clothes though I that they're always so soft and not worn.

What is the name of those who are your best friends, are they also interested in fashion?

Elsa: I have more than two best friends! I have so very many close friends. But some of them are interested in fashion, some of them aren't. I mean, I do interest in other things than fashion too!

Alice: Haha Elsa didn't stick to the question. Well, Elsa is my best friend but I don't think the names of the others are essential. Some of them are. 

When did you discover your personal style?

Elsa: I discovered it a year and a half ago, but it has developed since. Now I am much more dearing than earlier.

Alice: Hm... I don't know what to answer. I guess it constantly changes over the years... 

Who are your rolemodels?

Elsa: Sooo many! I mean, in clothes, I get inspired by combinations. It's hard to say, but at the moment it is Jane Birkin and other people. Very much from the sixties/seventies.

Alice: A! Hard question since there are so many! I like coco sumner, ali mcgraw and lykke li ofcourse. Sorry but I'm to tired to think deeper than that right now.

Why were you in love with your last boyfriend? How far in the relationship did you go?

Elsa: Because he was nice. I don't know... But the relationship wasn't that serious, I mean, I'm fourteen years old! I'd rather not awnser the last question. I keep alot of things to my self sometimes...

Alice: I guess he was nice and kind of shy and svåflörtad (don't know the word in english). It wasn't that serious either. I'll skip the last one too. Not that much to talk about anyway.


miriam said...

är jag den enda som känner att jag inte har hittat min "personal style"? känner mig lite lost i det helt ärligt..
kul att läsa! xxx

Hardcore Unicorn said...

jag känner mig lite lost ibland också... men, det ändras ju litegrann, om man kan säga så. ibland är jag fett hardcore (töntig mening) och ibland kan jag vara som en liten flicka...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know it's maybe to late but i just wondering about this :
Elsa and Alice What product do you use for your hair ? Elsa you never cut your hair ?
Elsa if an agency of modeling want you,Do you accept or not, you prefer make another stuff ?

gabrielle said...

that's great to know about some things, I mean, some questions were really good! :)

Alice, what did you think of brazil? and where did you stay?

and your favorite contry after france and sweden?

is swedish very difficult? Because every time I look at your aswers, they just don't seem very logic. did you get it? I don't know. I don't speak swedish, huh!


Anonymous said...

Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I think the post should prepare more info then it has.

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