Thursday, January 28, 2010


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i've been wanting to tell you about my new favorite blouse. paul&joe junior. i've had it for aaaaagggeeeesss but i haven't posted it yet. i love wearing flowers in the winter. it makes me feel like it's summer/spring. i know, it's an illution, but i like it that way. who's to stop me?

BY THE WAY, this song is amazing. i've been listening to it since it came, but I haven't posted it until now. listen.

right now i'm listening to ted gärdestad while facebooking and writing an essay about how it is to be fourteen years old. it's mostly about love and boys. it's also about how all grown ups tend to think we're crazy. i'ts pretty fun, yet boring.



Rebecca said...

din uppsats låter bra, jag menar när man är fjorton är det väl mest det man tänker på( i alla fall jag haha) Och sen en del på att jag vill börja gymnasiet, och inte gå kvar på tråkiga högstadiet där alla bara gör sig till, men det tillhör väl tonåren antar jag.
Fyller du femton i år?

Karin said...

e l s a . b a m b i . ! ! ! .

Hardcore Unicorn said...

rebecca: japp, jag fyller femton iår. joppi!

karin: karin. fläsk. operation!


Emma said...

i salute you, dear far-away-friend!!!

i have a thing for paul and joe. i have some clothes which is way to small, but i can't get rid of them. rather just have them hanging in my closet (:

i am good. except for some trouble with a near friend of mine. it is sad, i just got to know that she is very depressive and bulemic.. that isn't fun at all... hope your life is a lot better than hers!<3<3


miriam said...


L said...

du känns lite som min lillasyster

Hardcore Unicorn said...

miriam: MERCI!!
L: jamen, jaha. tack antar jag..

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