Saturday, January 30, 2010


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images from today stolen from lovisas blog.

about the title of this post (since i know it's cheezy)... alice and I have been saying it for a few days. i have no idea what it means, but it is a combination of the words fashion and banana. it's something funny though, because we laugh when we say it.

anyway, today i went to the vintage market with alice and lovisa. i bought a pair of earrings from the seventies and a pair of pants.. alice is coming over in a minute and we'll have a sleepover.

by the way, you guys. i've been noticing that alot of you are posting images from our blog on your blog, which is awsome! but you don't leave links nor references to our blog, which is a bit sad, so please do that! this way, we all can live together in peace.



matilda said...

sv: åh, ja, samma här. den är fantastisk.

miriam said...

fina elsa. gillar bilderna jätte mycket!
jag mår bra. har ätit en massa nybakat bröd nyss som jag själv bakat hehe
hur är det själv? och hur var bion som du och karin var på?

Anonymous said...

åh, herregud. vilka fina bilder!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

miriam: svar i din blogg! :)
heddaa: åhhhhhhh tack!

miriam said...

nej det ska jag inte, tråkigt nog .. men om du ska det så får du fota några bilder åt mig också <3333333

Gaby said...

seems like a nice day!

Joline said...

WOW, nivce images.

Anonymous said...

fina ni är tjejer!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

gaby: IT WAS!
Joline: Thanks :)
anonymous: well, how nice!

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