Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's always better when we're together

Tuesday - Wednesday

Went to Sandhamn with our class and had a lovely time...

Julia + Josephine + Constance + Alice + Elsa

Elsa + Julia on the boat

Leonard + Elsa

Katja + Josephine

Josephine+Isabelle+Constance+Alice+Elin+Leonard+Elsa at dinner

 Elsa + Julia on the beach


This was our very last day of school, graduation-day. It was awfully sad when we all had to say goodbye to each other and we cried for hours...

Sweet Isabelle

Our class running fast and happy out from the church..!

We sat on the schoolyard for a looong time and just talked/cried/laughed/hugged

And afterwards me + Elsa + Constance + Elsa + our respective families had dinner at a restaurant called Riche.

And after that we went to Knut...

Juli + Elsa + Josephine + Olivia + Elin + Elsa

Dina + Elin

Elsa + Katinka = cutiepiees

We had a great time at Knut's too and after a while a group of girls went to Katja and watched movies before we all went home and went to bed. So now it's summer and no school for almost three months! 
It feels crazy... At the moment, I'm at home, my parents are having friends over for dinner and I'm waiting for Alexander to come over. Have a nice evening, 



abigail oliveros said...

oh my congratulation my dear dear friend. I can tell that you had a great time. I'll be graduating this year too but the grad dinner will not be until the end of this month. I can't wait. it is such a bittersweet feeling.

have a wonderful day,

shae said...

Congrats on your grad! You girls look beautiful! I'm graduating from highschool next year... could you tell me what brand or where Elsa's lace dress is from? I adore it! thanks :)

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